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Happy meals everywhere

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Fun, Practical and Simple!

It turns children’s meals into a relaxing and funny moment.

Yupii Meal allows the integration of mobile devices which help entertain kids and make meal time a peaceful moment. Parents can choose the contentes they want for their children in order to stimulate, motivate and amuse them while they eat.

Besides, Yupii Meal provides all the essential tools to feed your kid, so you can take it everywhere.

Yupii Meal is a precious help to be used at restaurants, at relatives or friends’ home, when travelling, when doing longer meals or simply when the child resists eating the meal.

Easy to handle


At the end of the meal put the cutlery and the cup between the plates,

they close like a box, and take it home to wash.



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Buy Yupii Meal now for 39,90€ (Shipping costs included)

Compatible with most of the tablets and smartphones in the market.


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