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What has Yupii Meal got?

It has got two main componentes: a base and a cover. It has also got a built-in handle to which you can add a strap for easier transportation.



The base contains specific places to put the cup, the plates and the cutlery in order to keep everything organized, so Yupii Meal can be easily carried anywhere.

During the meal, the fixation system avoids accidental splits.

At the end of the meal, the cutlery and the cup are stored between the dishes which close like a box.

The rubber pads prevent the case sliding.


The cover contains a rubber frame with the purpose of receiving, holding, and protecting the electronic device (not included).

When the display is opened, it remains fixed and positioned in front of the baby, so it allows the interaction with contents selected by the parents (music, photographs, movies, games, …).

The electronic devices are safe from eventual splashes by a see through protection.

The top of the set allows the placement of an interactive device (Most common Tablet/SmartPhone-NOT INCLUDED). The Protective case can be used separately from the rest of the set, damping the electronic device, if it happens to fall.

All the set can be easily disassembled for easy washing


Is Yupii Meal safe for my child?

Yes, it is. Yupii Meal was designed and developed to be resistant. It was subjected to mechanical and chemical tests which guarantee all the safety precautions and food compatibility (free of BPA, phthalates and PVC). .


Is it safe to heat food in microwave with the Yupii Meal plates?

Yes, Yupii Meal plates were developed to be used in microwave.


Heating the food in the micro-wave may cause excessive and/or uneven temperature whith some very hot points which could scald the child and/or damage the product.


Yupii Meal can be used without an electronic device?

Yes, the protective cover, can be removed and the Yupii Meal base can be used as a meal tray.

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