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There are several procedures to return a product and Yupii Feel is willing to help you find the best way possible, step by step, under the following characteristics and conditions.


There are two types of returns: the ones that result from a product’s failure or defect and the ones that result from the customer’s personal decision, the so-called cooling-off returns.


In both cases, the exchange or return procedures are governed by the Decree-Law 143/2001, 26 April, as amended by 82/2008, 20 May. You must contact us, either by phone or by e-mail, so that we can provide you the information about the return process. In case you send a product without previous contact, it will not be received. Therefore, in case you are not completely satisfied with your order, you have 14 days (from reception date) to communicate and exercise your cooling-off rights.


The return of the product must follow the following conditions and can be done up to 30 days from its reception.

Cooling-off must be communicated through registered letter with acknowledgement of receipt, addressed to Egicreative, Lda, Rua António Sergio, 39, 3ºAndar Fração E, 6300-665 Guarda; or by email.


Include the corresponding proof of purchase;
The product must present the original price label and must not present any defect or cut;
The product should not have been used or cleaned;
Properly accommodate the product in the original packaging, in order to assure the integrity of the product returned (including manuals, accessories and warranty documents);


Send the product by registered mail to our address:

Egicreative, Lda
Rua António Sergio, 39, 3ºAndar Fração E,
6300-665 Guarda


Any package received at Egicreative, Lda that does not identify the sender or sent as cash on delivery, will be returned.

Yupii Feel is not responsible by any lost merchandise, and recommends the customer to register the return of his or her order at the post office.



Please, let us know when you send your returned product and wait 2-5 working days to reach us.

Yupii Feel will not accept a return or product exchange if the right procedure has not been followed.

We will not accept a returned product that has been damaged after the reception, used, except for faulty or defective products.

Return under cooling-off period:

In case you intend to return a product that is not defective, you can do it up to 14 days from the product’s reception.

The right to return the product applies only if the product:

Has the identifying label;

Has not been cleaned or used.

Has the original features;

Is complete (in case of kits or gift packs);

Has not been altered.

In case of return, you can choose to:

Ask for the refund of the amount paid;


In all cases, a refund request must be done via postal or email, indicating the product’s reference and the reasons for returning.
All expenses with returns are supported by the customer.


The refund of the amount paid will be done up to 14 days, without cost for the customer, except for the expenses directly related to the product’s return, when not claimed by the customer.

Return of a defective product:

In case you have received a defective product, we offer our apologies. We try to ensure that every product sent is in its original and best condition.

To return a defective product you must notify within 14 days from reception.

The return can be done up to 30 days from the reception date, always keeping the product’s identification label.

Yupii Feel will proceed to the inspection of the returned product and will inform the customer about the refund (if it would be the case), within 14 working days. In case there is confirmation it is a defective product or a return for non-conformity is properly justified, the customer will be notified to return the product, and return costs will be at our expenses.

After we receive the defective product, and as soon as possible, we will proceed with the analysis of the product and initiate the procedure. We will refund the corresponding amount under the terms of the manufacturer warranty, within 14 calendar days from the reception of the notification. The refund will be done through the same method of payment used for the purchase or through another method, if agreed between the two sides.

Please note that you must notify us in case the shipping address is different from the one you have previously provided us.

All products are well accommodated in secure packaging, in order to assure integrity. In case you detect external damage on the product’s packaging, you should report the case to the carrier, at the moment of delivery, and register it in the proof of delivery document. You should also contact us immediately after you receive the damaged product.


Egicreative, Lda
Rua António Sérgio, 39, 3ºAndar, Fração E
6300-665 Guarda, Portugal
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